Student Projects

Fall 2021 - Present

If you’re a Clark student interested in departmental honors, please get in touch! Past honors projects have included developing websites and collaborating on usability research.

Ideas for future projects:

  • An interactive computer history museum: As computers have become exponentially faster, how have the tasks we use computers for changed, and what has stayed the same?
  • Usability research related to privacy and security tools: Tools like Tor Browser can help people protect themselves from digital threats. But if these tools aren’t designed carefully, people might not use them effectively.

Clark University

Fall 2021 - Present

I joined Clark University’s Computer Science Department in Fall 2021. I have taught Introductory Computer Programming and Animation (CSCI 095), Introduction to Societal Computing (CSCI 103), Data Structures (CSCI 121), and Databases (CSCI 220).

To assist students in my Databases course, I wrote a short guide to Configuring Windows for Docker Development.

I make my course materials publicly available. If you use them in your course, please provide attribution.

CSCI 095 CSCI 103 CSCI 121 CSCI 220

PhD from CMU

Fall 2016 - Summer 2021

I earned my PhD in Societal Computing from Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research. My thesis is about using nudges to help people adopt security and privacy tools. I also supported the Usable Privacy Policy Project’s research on using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make privacy policies more usable; in particular, I oversaw development of the Opt-Out Easy browser plugin.

Thesis Opt-Out Easy
Photo of the Pittsburgh skyline and Point State Park

K2 Coding Inc.

Spring 2015

K2 Coding Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, founded by a team of Gordon students. Our mission is to connect middle schoolers to college-aged mentors, to get them excited about coding. We hire college students to teach our affordable after-school programs.

K2 Coding Blog
K2 Coding logo showing a mountain

Fairplay Activity

Spring 2015

For the Models of Computation class, I gave a presentation on the Fairplay Secure Function Evaluation (SFE) protocol. I also created an activity for evaluating an encrypted binary circuit.

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Encrypted binary circuit containing NOT and AND gates

SageMath Cryptosystem Development

Spring 2015

To practice concepts from Number Theory, I implemented the RSA and ElGamal cryptosystems for the open-source SageMath project.

RSA Ticket ElGamal Ticket
SageMath logo

HCI-SEC Literature Review

Spring 2015

I conducted a literature review of papers in the intersecting fields of human-computer interaction and computer security, known as HCI-SEC. Researchers in this field consider the human factors which impact the security of software systems. For example, how should users create strong and memorable passwords?

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Continuous Authentication Research

Summer 2014

As part of a summer REU program at NYIT, my team researched continuous authentication systems for mobile devices. My focus was identifying users based on accelerometer readings collected during typing.

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Multiple Choice Quizzer

Fall 2012

A web-app written for Dr. Hildebrandt’s Old Testament class. Using JavaScript with jQuery, I wrote a replacement for his existing Flash webpage. The CSS styling was done by my sister, Katie Story.

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Screenshot of the Multiple Choice Bible Quizzer

Sub Marine

Summer 2009

A simple platformer, written in Objective-C with OpenGL. The primary goal is exploration, but there is a final boss fight!

Screenshot of the Sub Marine game