I grew up in Massachusetts, on the North Shore.

Aside from my major interest in computers, my other interests include hiking, reading science fiction, and listening to all kinds of rock music.


I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Societal Computing program of the Institute for Software Research. My focus is on usable privacy.

I earned my Bachelor's at Gordon College, where I studied computer science and mathematics. After graduation, I took a gap year, during which I worked as a web developer at Christian Book Distributors.

Favorite Tools


Instead of spending time installing dependencies on your development system, spend that time writing a Dockerfile for your project instead. Then, you'll never have to waste time manually installing dependencies again!


A markup markdown language, which I find very useful for taking notes. Text is written in plaintext, and can be converted to RTF or HTML.

Contact Me

My email address is:
(first initial last name)

I have a couple projects on GitHub.

More work details are available on LinkedIn.

I occasionly use Twitter. Follow me @PeterGarthStory.